The Emergence of Weak Interaction

Particle Physics


  • Naohiro Ozawa ‎1-8-27, Sakuraoka, Tyuuou-ku, Saitama City, Saitama-kenn, 338-0005, Japan



Development of the universe‎, Weak interaction‎, Strong interaction‎, nucleons group ‎‎(‎‎P‎ ‎,P ̅ ‎‎, n, n ̅ ‎), π-on group ‎


The view of the Standard Model on the β decay of neutrons through weak interaction is that neutrons break down ‎to form ‎protons P and weak bosons W^- and finally into protons‎, electron, and anti-electron neutrinos. The three ‎quarks (U,d,d) that ‎compose neutrons are joined by strong interaction, so bonds formed by strong interaction ‎supposedly cannot be broken ‎by the weak interaction, which is far weaker than strong interaction. Nevertheless, ‎neutrons do decay. Further, the three ‎quarks (U,d,d) that form neutrons are fundamental particles, and it should ‎not be possible for other fundamental particles to ‎emerge from these three fundamental particles. Nevertheless, not ‎only does (U,d,d) change into (U,U,d) but electrons ‎and anti-electron-neutrinos, which are fundamental particles, ‎also emerge. This must not have a double meaning. As shown ‎here, there are multiple contradictions in the weak ‎interaction of the Standard Model.‎ In this paper, the weak interaction is mediated by the π‎-ons group that results from ‎the working of strong interaction step 1 ‎that was described in a previous paper and acts on the nucleons group ‎‎(‎‎P‎ ‎,P ̅ ‎‎,n,n ̅ ‎ ‎) that resulted from step 2. In other ‎words, at the point immediately prior to the emergence of weak ‎interaction, all the particles that existed in the universe were ‎used in order to make weak interaction emerge. The ‎weak interaction in this paper refers to the strong interaction bonds ‎composed of neutrons and ‎π^±‎-ons first being ‎dissolved by the strong interaction. As such, the reason why neutrons change to ‎protons is just because the ‎‎d-quark of ‎the neutron is replaced with the ‎U‎-quark of the‎ π^±‎-on.‎


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Naohiro Ozawa, ‎1-8-27, Sakuraoka, Tyuuou-ku, Saitama City, Saitama-kenn, 338-0005, Japan

Naohiro Ozawa 

1-8-27, Sakuraoka, Tyuuou-ku, Saitama City, Saitama-kenn, 338-0005, Japan


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