Invitation to peer reviewers

Dear Prospective Reviewer:
We are pleased to announce that the Iranian Journal of Hyperscience International Journal, is inviting peer reviewers to evaluate manuscripts that will be submitted to the journal office. HIJ operates the double-blind peer-review process. When a manuscript is received from the author(s), it is sent to specialist reviewers whose identities are not known to the author, and the identity(es) of the author(s) are not known to the reviewers.

The office is interested in peer reviewers from various backgrounds and professions in Physics, Mathematics Engineering and Computer Science, and related fields. Peer reviewers must have expertise in one or more of the proposed priority areas listed below.

REQUIRED AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Reviewers will be selected to serve in one or more categories.

Availability: Peer reviewers will work remotely. Each peer reviewer must have access to the Internet, a phone, a printer, and have the ability to interact within a Web-based environment.

Quality of Review: Each peer reviewer must commit to providing detailed, objective, constructive, and timely written reviews for each assigned manuscript. These reviews will be used to recommend authors for manuscript revising.

Certificate: Peer reviewers will receive certificates for their time and effort, contingent upon satisfactory completion of the above requirements and consistent with the required schedule. The identification of peer reviewers (include name, specialty, and affiliation of reviewers) will be published on the journal’s website for helping authors to select suggested reviewers for reviewing their manuscripts.

IF INTERESTED: If you would like to be considered as a peer reviewer, please email a short CV (maximum of five pages including a brief list of your published articles in English) to [email protected] to register yourself (or to update your profile) in our online peer reviewer database.

Thank you for your prompt consideration regarding this matter.


Reviewer Name                                                  Speciality                                                  Affiliation