Foundations of Quantum Computing: II. The Many Faces of ‎Quantum Uncertainty

Quantum Uncertainty


  • Mark Syrkin Federal Reserve Bank of New York



Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computing‎, Quantum Uncertainty


In this Part II we focus on a few key elements of quantum mechanics essential for the understanding of quantum technologies and computing. We begin with a subtle but important similarity between classical and quantum mechanics which is typically overlooked in favor of apparent differences. Further, it is reminded that classical motion can be obtained via averaging over quantum distributions/wave functions, and, conversely, quantum distributions can be recast as a superposition of virtual classical paths. Relatedly, we emphasize the importance of the case intermediate between classical and quantum mechanics – that is, quasi-classical mechanics. The above background facilitates additional insights and heuristics into the mechanisms of widely acclaimed long-distance correlations in quantum mechanics and the origins of the coherency in quantum ensembles in the context of wave-particle duality.


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Author Biography

Mark Syrkin, Federal Reserve Bank of New York


Federal Reserve Bank Of New York, USA


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